Portraiture by an Artist

Our memories are something to be cherished, and in the day and age of having a camera accessible in our phones, this means we can capture our memories at any moment in time. We can even be in them, thanks to the selfie. Sometimes though, you need something more than just a snapshot. For those extra-special occasions, you want something that will truly speak volumes about that precious moment. It is for this reason that you hire a professional photographer.

As a professional, it is my honor and my pleasure to capture these timeless moments for you in a photograph that is also a work of art. I strive to always notice not only the overall feeling and mood of the day, but to capture the subtle things that years from now you can look back on fondly and smile; things that you might not remember otherwise. Be this at a special event, or a planned session for a particular reason, every moment matters and should be captured as such. I love to work with you, your family, and/or your pets to bring out the individual, the group, and the personality so that it shines through to stand the test of time.


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